Halloween Trends

October 31, 2019

Staff Writers

Maxwell Stultz ’21

Halloween is upon us and it is important to show up and show out with a creative costume. The most popular Halloween costumes always draw inspiration from pop-culture. Here is your guide to how to rock this Halloween. 

According to Marie Claire, most costumes can be made by combining simple pieces to create something unique and representative of what’s hot in pop-culture . 

Undoubtedly, Lil Nas X took the world by storm with his hit “Old Town Road”. What better to celebrate the artist by paying tribute to with a modern cowboy costume.  The look can be had by combining a few unique pieces. The main components to this costume are the cowboy boots, the large hat, and t Iconic leather fringe jacket. This costume is sure to be rocking!

Another surefire way to impress this Halloween come from Money.com. The recent resurgence of the early 2000 film Men in Black is a great, easy costume to do. Although basic, it’s something everyone will love. All you need is a cheap suit, some ties and the iconic shades. The great thing about this costume is that you could surely snatch all this up at your local thrift store for a steal. With this costume on you can be confident you will be dressed to impress.

One of the most popular costumes that will show up this year is the ‘VSCO Girl’. Created by the popular social media app VSCO, this one is one of the easiest to recreate. Refinery29 gave their take on how to become a VSCO girl on a budget. The shopping list includes: an oversized t-shirt, trendy shoes, colorful bracelets and arguable the most important part, the Hydro Flask. 

Goodluck this Halloween and stay spooky!


Michael Quinn ’21

It’s October 31st and it’s time for Halloween. It seems like it’s impossible to find the perfect costume because it’s so hard to come up with ideas, especially if you want to be caught up with all the trends. I have a list of the top three trending costumes you are going to see and that you can easily be.

The first costume on my list is perfect for any guy who needs an easy costume that’s trending right now. It is still unknown if Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello are officially a thing, but after their show at the VMA’s, Marie Claire says that dressing like their performance will be one of the sixteen best Halloween Costumes of 2019. To dress as Shawn is very easy because all you need are black pants, a white tank top tucked into your pants, and a guitar around your back.

“Stranger Things” is one of the most popular and best TV shows out right now and it has good Halloween costumes to match. Dressing as Robin and Steve from the show is the third ranked costume for this Halloween according to Style Caster. The costume is also easy to make and perfect for couples to dress as. All there is to the costume is a simple sailor outfit that can be easily remade and name tags with each character’s name on it.

According to Money, the 1980’s are coming back into popularity because of popular shows that have released such as “Stranger Things” and American Horror Story. An easy costume for anyone is to dress like a stereotypical person from the 1980’s. All the costume requires for clothing is something neon, animal print, and leg warmers. You can go all out with some big, crazy and colorful hair that could really make you look like someone from the 80’s. Extra accessories ideas would be crazy sunglasses, makeup, and headbands. 


Grace Campbell ’21

Happy Halloween! The spookiest holiday of the year is here. Let’s take a look at the top trends for the costumes this year!

According to WDTN News, costumes from Netflix’s hit TV series, “Stranger Things” are trending this year. Especially costumes of the main characters Steve, Hopper, and Eleven. All three are very simple costumes. For Steve’s costume, all that is necessary is a vintage green sweatshirt, fluffy dark brown wig, light stonewash jeans, blue casual jeans, clue casual jacket, band-aids, white casual Nike shoes, and a baseball bat. For Hopper’s costume, a Hopper name badge, felt ranger hat, Hawkins embroidery, police badge, khaki colored pants, khaki colored long sleeved button up shirt, and holster. Lastly, for Eleven’s costume, a blonde wig, a pink dress, blue jacket, all white high top converse, over the calf tube socks, plastic Eggo waffle, and fake blood for the nose bleed.

According to KBX-TV News, dressing up as Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT is trending. Dressing like Pennywise may be a little harder to do all at home but still doable. All that is necessary is white face paint or makeup, white gloves, black shoes, string, balloons, clown wig, red nose, and a clown suit. 

According to the website StyleCaster, with the Men In Black: International movie already coming out in June of this year, agents from MIB are back in for Halloween costumes. Definitely the easiest costume on this list to do at home, all that is needed is a black suit, Nerf gun, and some black sunglasses and now you’re ready to save the world. 


Charlie Rinehart ’20

Halloween is back. With it comes an entire set of new costume ideas. There are many costumes every year but these are some of the top ones this year. One of the best, and simplest, is Betty and Veronica from “Riverdale”, found on goodhousekeeping.com. This costume is current, the show just released a new season this year. It is also cheap to reproduce, none of the clothing the characters wear is intricate or hard to find. This costume also looks good and would be fun to wear to a party or trick or treating.

Another solid trend to follow for costumes this year is to go as a member of the cast of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, according to indiewire.com. The 2019 movies has some delightful and inspiring characters played by some top notch actors. Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, is the cool guy everyone wants to be, so why not dress like him for Halloween. There are many other characters from this movie that will end up being a good choice for a costume. These costumes are easy to reproduce, as the characters wear fairly regular clothing.

A third costume idea is to go as a Tik Tok. According to qz.com, this could be a hilarious, if somewhat sarcastic, costume. The idea would be to play some music in the background then perform a short dance routine on loop. This costume would be funny and cheap to recreate. The possibilities for costumes are endless and the key to a good costume is creativity. Keep coming up with new ideas and your costume might just be great.

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