December 04, 2019

Seungmin Han ’22

Everyone has their own “home.” One with warmth for one to repose and gives out spirits. Spirits that thrust you to keep going. One might say that home lies on the icy rink, the green field of grass. Though for our beloved captain Boncl Tang, his home floats above water.

Boncl, if you haven’t noticed already, is in love with sailboats. This year, he constructed seven sailboats, as well as a life-size sailboat, which is yet to be finished. He only has used his own handy work. His addiction to sailing does not stop with simply building sailboats, but goes even further by actually sailing in lakes and rivers. Boncl has sailed since last summer on the Tai Lake, and with that great determination to sail, he won 5th place in the Chinese National Youth Sailing Competition. Thanks to Shattuck-St. Mary’s support with transportation and Minneapolis Sailing Center, Boncl was able to keep sailing here in Minnesota, on the Bde Maka Ska Lake (Formerly Lake Calhoun) once a week. His love for sailing is truly unstoppable; however, he wasn’t always like that.

It’s hard to believe that he wasn’t always the passionate sailor we know. His passion pursuit went through various categories such as acting, drawing, or building.  According to Boncl, the SSM community has changed him a lot, mostly to become a more enthusiastic, and passionate human being. Right now, Boncl is seeking any opportunity to sail beyond lakes rivers: in the ocean. Moreover, he is looking forward to making a sailing club. Shattuck once had one 40 years ago, when it had 20 acres of land along the Cannon River in addition to a keelboat to sail. Hopefully soon, captain Boncl will hopefully give us a lesson on how to sail!