Goalkeeper with a Hidden Talent

November 21, 2019

Ava Johnson ’20

Bailey Friday is a goalie for the U19 girls soccer COE has been here at Shattuck- St. Mary’s for the past four years. “‘Determined’ and a ‘leader’ are two words that describe Bailey both on and off the field”, states Fran Benson, one of Baileys teammates. Bailey has dedicated each year to improving and finding a college for her after Shattuck-St. Mary’s that will represent the same qualities that she does.

Bailey not only is an out-standing goalie but, before her years here at Shattuck, she was also an All Conference cross country skier. “It was very different, hopping in net for one sport than going to the next to ski a 5k, but in more ways they were similar than different. You have to mentally prepare yourself for both knowing if a ball gets around you is just like letting a person pass you during a race. It only motivates you to push yourself even harder.” She was on the cross country ski team for three years, one of the youngest girls to make the team. Clearly though, she was one of their stars on the team. “Her long legs definitely helped her with speed, being able to take one stride for every two or three of her opponent gave her an advantage which helped the team overall. She has been greatly missed” states Coach Smith, one of Bailey’s old coaches.

She sadly had to stop her time as a cross country ski star when she made the decision to join the SSM community. However, she has not stopped skier when she gets the chance. She continues to join in on replays and in her free time back home she loves to make the time to go cross country skiing just like the old days. “I do miss it just because it was so different than what I am doing when I am at soccer. But I try to get outside as much as possible.” Dedicated is nothing but a common word used to describe Bailey by numerous people and continues to show in her academic work and athletic.