Is he a Shark?

November 21, 2019

Michael Quinn ’21

Grant Tonjum ’22 is part of the Golf Center of Excellence. Everyone knows Grant plays golf but few people know how much he’s into pool (billiards). You can see him in the game room challenging anyone who comes along, and if you watch him play, you would understand the hype that surrounds him.

Grant has been playing golf since he was eight and decided to come to Shattuck-St. Mary’s so he could become better all year round. Grant is happy with all the improvements and changes he’s making to his game. He said, “My season has been going pretty good on the part of practicing and getting better and changing my swing, but my scores have not been what I wanted them to be due to all the things I am learning about and changing in my game this year.” 

While Grant hopes to see improvement to his scores on the course, his reputation in the game room has gone untarnished. Rarely has anyone beaten him in singles. Grant has a natural talent and said it, “sparked my love for pool.” He has been playing since he was three but took a break when he was 13 to focus more on golf. Now at SSM, he plays everyday in the game room taking down anyone who has the guts to play him.  

Before obliterating kids at SSM, Grant participated in tournaments in the past. He said, “ I have been competing in youth leagues and tournaments for seven years. I won the International Championships in two events, team and doubles, and I have won many other smaller tournaments and taken first three years ago and second last year. I have been playing in adult pool leagues and tournaments for the past two years and I am trying to get more experience.” Grant is continuing his love for pool, and is planning on continuing his dominance is the game room.

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