Adolfo,YouTube Star in the Soccer COE

November 21, 2019

Xavier Valdez ’21

Adolfo Diaz ’22 has recently begun to focus more on his YouTube career. While being a hardworking student and soccer player, he likes to upload videos of his everyday life at Shattuck-St. Mary’s to demonstrate his daily grind. Posting videos on his extra personal sessions, games and his daily life in school. He attracts over 300 views! Adolfo is also a very active member of the Shattuck-St. Mary’s Community. He has attended many school events, especially “Feed My Starving Children” community service events which he had recorded and posted on his YouTube channel. 

According to Adolfo, he struggles on uploading as consistently as he wants to because of schooling, soccer, homework, and his duties as a proctor in Breck. However, he focuses on time management which helps him prioritize certain free periods of time throughout his day. Also, each video he produces, takes more than one hour and a half since he’s been including more clips. 

Unfortunately, all the work he does plus school and soccer, can get quite overwhelming, so he tends to play a lot of ping-pong or watch his favorite TV shows when he has free time. 

When it comes to football, Adolfo is a very dedicated player who works his hardest on and off the field. He regularly makes videos reflecting on his game and practice performance. Not only does Adolfo make videos for others entertainment, he uploads videos to be able to look back on in the future and see where he had come from. He spoke about his future ideas for his videos.  This included interviewing his teammates and speaking about their experiences, and reasons for coming to SSM. Lastly, Adolfo wants to create a visual idea for people who want to attend SSM in the future because there isn’t much of that support being covered on Youtube other than his channel.