Lucifer: How in the Devil is this show so good!?

November 21, 2019

Justin Wright PG

“Detective!?” This is the iconic line that Tom Ellis, playing Lucifer, says at least a million times an episode. Throughout the 4 season show, Tom Kapinos has put on a thrilling and action-packed production causing fans to fall in love and bring “Lucifer” to life. After the first three seasons, the show was dropped but an outpouring of support from loyal fans meant that popular streaming site Netflix picked up the show and produced season four, a whole three years after season one’s premiere back in January of 2016. 

Lucifer is the main character the Devil outcast from Heaven who found himself ruling the kingdom of Hell for all eternity. Ironically, the Devil, or as some like to put it, the king of punishment and pain, got bored with making people’s lives miserable and decided to take a not-so-quick visit up to Los Angeles. As his short planned vacation stretched on, Lucifer joined the LAPD and worked alongside Chloe Decker, another LAPD agent played by Lauren German. 

As these two partners worked together on crime scenes, their two opposite personalities pulled them closer and created a bond unlike any other. As time goes on, Lucifer begins to experience an unfamiliar feeling that he had never felt before: affection. Being the Devil, Lucifer struggles with this newfound emotion and battles not only the emotional affects but also the physical changes that occur to his body. 

Lucifer is one of those shows that regardless of if it’s a season finale or a boring point in the middle, you just can’t stop watching. Even though there are lows in the plot that feel like repetitive filler episodes and might not contain critical plot information, the witty humor provided by Ellis never fails to draw a chuckle. The allure of Lucifer’s lavish lifestyle leaves little to be imagined and constantly leaves viewers in wonder and awe of his riches and ability to just throw money away without a care in the world. Dave Vitagliano from “Den of Geek” also comments on the production: “While there’s certainly a sense of familiarity, there’s also more of a cinematic quality to the show’s structure which becomes apparent as each episode flows flawlessly into the next despite a new murder to investigate.” I have yet to see another review from a critic that is not overwhelmingly positive. 

“Lucifer” has often been compared to “Brooklyn 99” with it’s policing themes, it’s humor, and whoever has watched “Brooklyn 99” knows this is an absolute compliment! This show is definitely a must-see if you are into the sci-fi genre with its fair share of R rated jokes as well. Season 5 is set to come out within the next year and fans like myself all over the world can’t wait to hop back in and binge watch episodes for an entire week straight!