Kate’s Kicking Art

November 21, 2019

Kara Maclean ’21

Did you know many Shattuck- St. Mary’s students have hidden talents that don’t get the exposure they deserve? That needs to change. Kate Kim, ’21, has an artistic ability that needs to be shared with not only the Shattuck- St. Mary’s community, but the whole world. 

Kate’s passion for art began at the age of five when she was in kindergarten and her teacher made the class pick out a cartoon character to draw. She decided she was going to draw one of her favorite cartoon characters at this time, who was Dora the Explorer. She then was then complimented right away by her classmates and teacher who said that she had a gift for art. Her dad who also knew a little bit about art, enjoyed going to art shows, and had seen this talent in her as a little girl. He wanted her to pursue her dreams as an artist. Kate was then put into art lessons. These have helped her a great amount to get to where she is today. 

“The art industry does not have a great amount of exposure around the world. Art is a great way artists’ express their emotions, “ she says. “Art is getting more important in life because when you buy one piece, you want to buy the same thing but that has a better design.” She continues to explain that art is everywhere in the world; from pictures that help you in math class to big famous pieces of artwork such as the Mona Lisa. When she is older she wants to become a designer.

Kate is currently taking an AP Studio Art class with Mr. Walker where she is working on a fifteen piece art project. She has to explain her journey to finding her identity within those fifteen pieces. She has currently done three and they are incredible. From this art class, she has had the chance to work with other artists and learn new skills and patterns that she can use in future  art projects. However, her favorite technique is acrylic. She loves “how the acrylic paint becomes so vivid in a picture and really brings the picture to life.”   

Andy Warhol is a famous pop artist who is known for his portraits of Marilyn Monroe and uses a unique style of artwork that is called “ silk screen”, which is basically where you paint on a silk screen. He is also known for the painting of Campbell’s soup which caught the eye of Kate and has which became her favorite piece of artwork.