Where are you now? Jessica

March 19, 2020

I have had a really bad time. After I got to Beijing Capital airport, customs asked me to wait for testing because I have a cold. My body temperature is normal and I have mild symptoms. They first swabbed my throat for a testing sample. Then they said because I come back from the U.S., they need to send me to hospital for further testing. I waited at the airport for 9 hours. Then at 10pm or maybe 11pm, I rode an ambulance with other passengers to the hospital. I took the test for whole night without any sleep. We can only stay at the outside of the hospital in tents without heat. It was so cold, and I had only eaten breakfast at the Taiwan airport. Then until next day’s afternoon, I got my test result. I have not slept for almost two days. I cannot see my parents, and I was alone by myself. The hospital was crowded with people. I waited and got my result the next  afternoon. I tested negative but I still need to quarantine. At 11pm, they used an ambulance car to take me to a hotel for 14 days of quarantine.