Where are you now? Lily

March 19, 2020

Hi, this is Lily. I finally arrived at Shanghai! I have some pictures and a story to share.

My flight back home was MSP-SFO-TPE-PVG. It consisted of 20 hours of flying and around 16 hours of transiting. Me and my friends chose to protect ourselves by wearing masks and reducing the times drinking water and eating food. It took me around 8 hours from landing at Shanghai to actually enter it. Now, I am waiting to be tested and if the result is negative then I will be quarantined at home. 

(You can flip through the photo gallery as Lily shared several pictures.)


Here is the whole story if you are interested…

I went to MSP on the 17th. I was afraid of not getting all tickets for the connections as some Shattuck students couldn’t make it on the 16th. Luckily, I got them all. I have some pictures with the ones that flew with me throughout the whole trip or partial of it. 

The Delta plane flying from MSP to SFO was pretty empty. I guess it just wasn’t the season that people fly through these two cities.  After arriving at SFO, I had almost 5 hours to transit. When I was printing my boarding passes for the later two flights, I overheard that the China Airline, the one that I’m flying with for the two flights, would cancel all flights to China from the 19th. I was very glad to have mine on the 18th. In order to stay safe on this 14 hours flight, I drank no water and ate no food and went to the restroom for zero time. I had 11 hours to transit in TPE on the 19th, so I had two meals with a lot Shattuck students who are either traveling with me or having flights that leaves earlier than mine. 

After only 1 and a half hours, I arrived at Shanghai around 6:30pm. All passengers waited on the plane until being called with another 19 passengers. I left the plane around 9pm and a shuttle picked us up. I arrived at the place to take off but the shuttle driver wouldn’t let all of us out as people are too crowded inside. We stayed in the shuttle until 11pm. 

After I entered the building around 11, I waited in line to get a one-on-one conversation with the staff and they put the yellow aka medium danger sticker on my passport since I traveled from the US. Then my temperature was measured and went through the frontier inspection until 1:30am. Now, on the 20th, I am waiting for the bus for the district I live in Shanghai to pick me up to go get the nucleic acid test at 4am. I will need to wait for the result for eight hours and this is what the place for me to stay suppose to look like. After this, if my result is negative, I will be able to be quarantined at my house by myself later in the afternoon. 

Thank you so much for all faculty and staff that helped me and other students to travel and else. Please stay healthy and stay safe!!