Where are you now? Kevin

March 20, 2020

Hello, this is Kevin. I arrived at Seoul, South Korea on March 20th. I’m staying at my home all the time and being self-quarantined for 2 weeks. My family is not going outside except my dad, who needs to go to his work on weekdays.I always remind him to wear a mask and keep his hands clean all the time. Currently, there are 8,652 cases here and all delivery systems and festivals are canceled or closed. To purchase masks here, we need to buy it on designated days which prevents “a mask shortage”. For me, I can only buy 2 masks every Tuesday by going to the pharmacy.  

My flight was scheduled in the early morning, so I woke up at 5:30 am and had to take a van. My flight Schedule was MSP-Detroit-ICN(Seoul). The flight to Detroit was very empty. There were about 12 people on board, and they were wearing masks to protect themselves. All passengers stayed very quiet and just waited until the plane landed at the airport. Detroit Airport was very quiet. There were few people waiting for their flight, otherwise it was hard to see or find people in the airport gates. During the flight to Seoul, all passengers were wearing masks, gloves, protection glasses, and even head covers to prevent the virus. After the long scary flight, I went to the check zone to see my temperature and travel records to verify my health status. After the 3 hour check, I was able to go home and rest. 

Yesterday, there was a sad incident that a student who was 17 years-old died by the COVID-19. She went to the hospital, but there was no room for her because of other infected patients. Therefore, there were not enough doctors and staff to care for and treat her. She was the youngest victim in South Korea and all citizens were so sad because of this unfortunate case. Currently, COVID-19 is threatening all over the world and giving massive impacts to every country. Please wash your hands every time and never go out to crowded public areas. I believe we can overcome this horrific situation and meet together again in May. Thank you so much for all Shattuck faculty members and staff who are working very hard for students and their safety. Please be safe and stay strong. 


(8th grade SSM Student)

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