Where are you now? Ms. Gould-Martin

March 22, 2020

Where am I now? I am on the western slope of the Colorado Rockies in my home in Grand Junction, CO. I am lucky to work with people who understood my own need to be closer to my sons, my daughters-in-law, and my four grandchildren. My daughter is in NY, but we Zoom daily as a family, and we are all healthy. I am happy to be here and looking forward to working with all my students and advisees!

How did I get here? Therein is a tale! My drive to Colorado involved highway closures, a stupendous Nebraska hailstorm, a stunning Colorado/Nebraska blizzard, and then my driving on nine miles Nebraska (and then “Welcome to Colorado!”) frozen, rutted dirt roads (tractor tire-sized frozen ruts if you can imagine!)–to get to a (potentially) open Colorado highway. It was open! Open highway! Yay! It was open, but it should not have been open. So I got off that icy highway and returned to the rutted dirt roads. It was me, Colorado cattle, a wild bunny, and Google Maps. Then! Then there was  a night spent in my car (all lodging overbooked!) and the misfortune of that hotel parking lot where I–with many other people in cars and trucks—got stuck in, you guessed it, in iced-over frozen solid slush ruts. Here is some good news: On my first night back (last night), my neighbor baked a pan of cornbread, left it for me on my patio table (with butter!), rang my bell, texted me, and ran away. It the best cornbread ever. And more good news: Although I have not seen my grandchildren because we are all self-quarantining, Grace, 8, and Link, 6, call me, Face Time me, and now Zoom me several times a day. In fact, there is one now! Hi, Gracie…

I am here, I am safe, and so, I hope are you!