Students Share Their Journeys Home with School Newspaper

March 24, 2020

With our students now spread out all over the world, The Spectator asks the question, “Where are you now?”

A school newspaper usually exists to update students on pop culture and current events around school, things like a review of the latest Star Wars movie in theaters, interviews with new faculty members, and exposés on their classmates’ passion projects. But when both students and faculty are sent home and movie theaters close, what is a school newspaper to do?

Like everyone else, The Spectator had to adjust to the new state of the world and the School. Kitty Gorman, English Teacher and faculty advisor for The Spectator, put out a call for stories among our school community members unlike anything they’d published thus far: in the wake of a global crisis, where are you now?

With a limit of five lines and one photo, students have been using The Spectator to update the SSM community on their journey home, how they’re coping with social distancing, and how they’re keeping themselves busy. Upon traveling off campus, many students have gone immediately into quarantine, while others have found safe places to stay with family or friends.

Shenaé Reid ’20 was still in Jamaica during the first week of Spring Term and wasn’t able to say goodbye to many of her SSM family members. Daniela Castillo Esquivel ’21 has decided to learn to cook, now that every restaurant and delivery service in Costa Rica is closed. Yongchen (Jessica) Wang ’20 was immediately sent into a fourteen-day quarantine in a hotel upon arriving in Beijing, China. Ms. Gould-Martin ’75, English Teacher, has worked out a plan to Zoom her grandchildren several times a day! By turns comical, creative, and sometimes heartbreaking, these stories will give readers a chance to glimpse the current situation our SSM family is experiencing all over the world.

Read more of these first-hand accounts of how our students and faculty are adjusting to distance learning around the world with The Spectator at If you would like to contribute to The Spectator, email Ms. Gorman at [email protected].