SSM Soccer Joins New MLS Elite Youth Development Platform

May 13, 2020

Earlier today, Major League Soccer (MLS) announced that Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, along with other former U.S. Soccer Development Academy clubs, will join MLS’s existing club academies in a new partnership that will transform youth player development in the United States and Canada.

As one of the top 95 clubs across the country, SSM will compete year-round in this new platform that includes player identification initiatives, coaching education opportunities, and additional programming to create the premier development environment. MLS has primed youth soccer development to take its next steps to further the great sport of soccer, even amidst the challenges the country and world face during this pandemic.


“SSM Soccer is honored to be among the Founding Members of the Elite Youth Development Platform,” said SSM’s Director of the Boys Soccer Center of Excellence Program, Sean Bushéy. “This will create an environment that leads the way for our young athletes, providing elite level academic education and soccer development as they journey forward on their life’s path to contribute in so many unique and wonderful ways to their families and communities.”


According to today’s announcement, the MLS Academies, and the elite academies joining them in this new partnership, have combined to produce more than 90 percent of the U.S. Youth National Team Players in the last year, making the league the top destination for the best young players in North America. “The Platform will be the environment for the best of the best in Boys Soccer; there is little argument to be made there,” Bushéy added.


Since its inception fifteen years ago, the SSM Soccer Program has consistently demonstrated excellence at the national level, including participation in five national championships, playoff participation in six of the ten years the program was a member of the Development Academy, and being ranked as one of the top high schools in the country to place players in Division I college soccer programs. SSM has placed an impressive 99 percent of its players in collegiate soccer programs and has contributed two players to the Men’s National Team, eleven players to professional teams, thirteen players to the Youth National Team, and two players to the Futsal National Team.


“SSM is helping to forge the way,” said Bushéy. “For the player that aspires and for the family that values education and development, Shattuck-St. Mary’s combines the two together to create a wonderful experience that leads to lifelong impact.”


To learn more about Shattuck-St. Mary’s Soccer Center of Excellence, please visit SSM Boys Soccer online and inquire with our coaches by filling out an inquiry form here.

  • Shattuck-St. Mary’s Boys Soccer Center of Excellence Joins New Major League Soccer Elite Youth Development Platform as a Founding Member