Faribault Favorites

April 08, 2015

What’s a favorite place in your hometown? Some of our day students shared their thoughts…

My favorite place in Faribault is the public pool. I have so many memories. Every summer, my sister and I get a pool pass and we go every day of the summer. One time we brought our brother, and he stubbed and cut his toe on a broken toy there. It is something I will never forget. Another thing is that when I was there with my friends, we buried him in the sand pit and ran back into the pool leaving him there. So many fun and weird things have happened there, that I am pretty sure that even the lifeguards remember us! - Maddi Politoski ’20

My favorite part of my hometown is in downtown Faribault. It has a bunch of cool and old buildings. I was really sad because one of them closed down this summer. But there are still a bunch of other cool looking buildings. - Noah Carlson ’21

My favorite place in Faribault is the library because it is nice and quiet. The library is nice because there aren’t any large distractions. It is also a nice place to do homework without other people trying to talk to you. - Annie Sanders ’21

My favorite place in my hometown is the coffee shop downtown. In Faribault, the winters are long and cold. I go to Shattuck and after school it is nice to warm up downtown after walking from up the hill. The coffee shop is a cute little café to go to with friends. I enjoy hanging out there because it is nice, warm, cozy, and has a friendly atmosphere. The staff always has smiles on their faces and they greet people at the door with open arms. These are examples of why the coffee shop is my favorite place in my hometown. - Currie Putrah ’19