30 minute Drone Deliveries

October 05, 2020

Michael Chapa ’21

On Monday, August 15th, Amazon won FFA approval for their new Amazon Fleet in which they will be able to deliver packages five pounds or less to areas with low population density within 30 minutes of flying. This would make Faribault the perfect candidate for this new delivery system since we are about a 50 minutes drive outside of the Twin Cities.

But this brings up a few problems such as when students will be able to to order and where these orders will end up.

Ms. Jan Peper, School Store Manager, said, “ We had a problem… because they [Amazon] had such a verified schedule” but she also said that she is open to the idea “as long as we have a place to drop it… someplace our grounds crew could make sure was shoveled”. She jokingly added, “Maybe we’ll have to set up a little helipad.”

Packages look different at the SSM school store this year. “The amount of packages has increased and we think it is because there aren’t the trips out to Walmart, so we’re seeing more and more packages come- kids getting their waters, kids getting snacks, and that kind of thing” says Ms. Peper. However, this process is long and many kids want their packages as soon as possible making this drone service idea all the more desirable.

  • Photo credit Nic Gao ’20