Head of School Reflects on the Challenge of Staying Connected at a Distance

September 10, 2020

Our school leader looks ahead to the day when we can all be together on campus once more.

Greetings from Faribault!

Yesterday, I was on a Zoom orientation we hosted for the new members of our Board of Trustees, and I was struck by how many different time zones we had represented on the call. Our Board, like most boarding school boards, is made up almost exclusively of alumni, and, like our current student body, they live all over the country and the world. Yesterday’s Zoom had residents of Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, and Vietnam. Of course, our Trustee from Vietnam was finishing her evening as we were all beginning our day.

We also have many students, who like our Trustee living in Vietnam, are managing to stay connected to our School, their teachers, and their classmates from a great distance. The Academic Team has created additional class periods (a 0, 10, and 11 hour) to allow these students to meet with their teachers synchronously, and, while there is no substitute for being on campus, we hope that our students at a distance stay actively engaged and can feel the care and dedication their teachers have for them. Now more than ever, as our students are spread out across the world yet taking the same courses by the same teachers, we truly are a “global learning community.”

There will come a day when we are all able to be back on campus together, and we will celebrate that day happily. Until then, we are committed to continue to provide all of our students, those on campus and those around the globe, with the guidance and tools they need “to become citizens of integrity for an ever-changing world.”

Stay healthy and safe,