Head of School Faces the Week’s Challenges

October 22, 2020

Head of School Matt Cavellier thanks everyone in our community for the way they’ve tackled our School’s latest challenges this week.

Greetings from Faribault,

Well, in true 2020-fashion, winter is upon us, perhaps earlier than we might have liked. The colorful fall leaves were replaced with 8 inches of glittering white on Tuesday, which means we may not see the green of the parade field for a while. If you’d like to catch a glimpse of our current weather conditions, you’re welcome to tune into a live webcast view from atop the Clock Tower here

Like any week in this strange, unexpected year, we’ve faced some new challenges this week. I will outline these in greater detail in a separate communication to our community shortly, so please be on the lookout for it.

What is so encouraging about these new obstacles is we’ve faced them as a community head-on. I’m so proud of how every single person on this campus has risen to these ever-changing challenges in support of their fellow community members, and how our students continue to pursue their passions, undaunted in many ways, by the global pandemic.

As the weather continues to get colder, it will be even more important to take care of ourselves to keep from getting sick: stay hydrated, wash your hands, get extra sleep, and bundle up when you go outside. Let’s keep our community healthy and strong together.

Stay safe,