Head of School Reflects on Adaptation in the Face of Challenge

November 05, 2020

Head of School Matt Cavellier writes on our ability to pivot and adjust in the face of adversity, particularly in light of new challenges posed by COVID-19.

Greetings from Faribault,

As I share this update with you, I am attending the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES) bi-annual conference. Two years ago as they began planning, the conference was to be held in San Diego, California, but instead, like the best laid plans we have all made, NAES had to pivot, and we are conferencing, connecting, and collaborating online. Pivoting is something that we all have become accustomed to over the last six months, and the adjustments that we make—irrespective of size or scope—have reverberations. There is simply no way to make changes without creating some angst.

We shared with you last week that a number of our students in three cohorts tested positive for COVID-19. We are thankful they are all healthy and doing well, and we are reassured that our cohort model is working because there was no community spread outside of those cohorts. That is truly good news, and it means that following these restrictions, while less than enjoyable, keeps our community safe. One of the hypotheticals we contemplated was what the numbers of positive cases would have been if we did not have the cohorts in place. It is a daunting thought to say the least.

While we will continue to work to find opportunities for more activities and opportunities for our students, we will also be reevaluating our plans for events like our Thanksgiving Dinner planned gathering and Christmas Dinner. More information on both of these will be forthcoming. At the same time, we are happy to share that we are ready to open spaces in our student lounge—including our snack bar—during certain hours as well. Students, stay alert for more information on this development as well!

Stay healthy and safe,