Photo Bomb

April 14, 2015

From Mr. Scheel

Phones can be a distraction in the classroom, so most of the time teachers at SSM have students put them away. However, they can have their uses. I often allow a student to quickly look up word on a specific dictionary. When studying Shakespeare or other writers from the British Isles, I direct students to use Collins or Oxford dictionaries. Merriam-Webster and American Heritage also have fine on-line dictionaries and, of course, is a favorite among students. My favorite dictionary site, one I recommend to all plugged in word lovers, is Alpha-Dictionary which searches 1065 English dictionaries at once. It also features interesting links like Dr. Goodword’s  “What’s the Good Word” - a word of the day that provides fascinating etymologies along with definitions, and amusing examples.

Students will also ask to use their phones to take a picture of a sketched map or graphic organizer drawn on the board. On Thursday, some of my 7th hour students asked if they might snap a shot of the MLA works cited example I had written, reviewing how to list a book with a translator. I acquiesced but couldn’t resist photo bombing Jackson Shanley who was sitting near the board. 

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