A Passion for Hunting

November 30, 2020

By Caden Jacobsen ’22

A young Nick Noble was born into a family of hunters and has grown to have a passion for it himself. His father introduced him to the responsibilities that come with handling and using weapons at a young age. His dad also taught him to be mature, respectful, patient, and disciplined. All of which are traits needed to be a great hunter and a great person. Nick possesses all of these qualities.

Nick received his first gun as a birthday present when he turned ten. It was an air rifle, which he used to hunt small game animals such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits near his house. As he gained more experience, he started going on hunts with his dad, soaking up anything and everything he could.

At 16 years-old, Nick has much more experience and has embarked on many more adventures. He has traveled to multiple midwestern states to hunt different types of big game animals such as elk and whitetail deer.

His favorite animals to hunt are pheasant and duck. Both of which are shot with a shotgun while flying and require good accuracy and coordination to hit. Nick doesn’t hunt pheasant and duck alone. He is accompanied by his two dogs Dakota and Kansas. Dakota is a Pudelpointer and Kansas is a French Brittany. Both breeds make exceptional hunting dogs. They love hunting just as much if not even more than Nick, for they get a little rowdy and very excited before every hunt, jumping up and down and wagging their tails enthusiastically.

Sadly enough, Nick’s two best friends cannot come with him for every adventure because he also hunts for deer and turkey at his land in western Minnesota. The dogs do not come for these particular hunts because when trying to stalk deer, the pups might become restless and noisy, which is not ideal when the whole idea is to be patient and quiet. Nick and his family eat all the meat from any deer or turkey they hunt and make sure it goes to good use. Although venison is plenty, his favorite meat is turkey in the form of turkey jerky.

Nick has enjoyed his experiences with hunting and wishes to pursue his passion throughout his life. He has goals of shooting a trophy buck and a rocky mountain elk in the future. He says that he will hopefully introduce his kids to hunting someday and teach them how his father taught him. Nonetheless, Nick believes he has learned many important life lessons from hunting and looks forward to creating many more great hunting memories as he gets older.

  • Nick Noble