SSM’s Director of Sports Medicine Featured on Strength Coach Podcast

February 26, 2021

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Director of Sports Medicine, Joe Sawicki, was recently interviewed by Anthony Grasso, host of the Samson Strength Coach Collective, a podcast which seeks to create a resource and network for coaches around the country.

Throughout the episode, Joe spoke about SSM’s unique approach to athletics and how the athletic trainers at the Sports Complex supplement our student-athletes’ rigorous training with strength and conditioning as well as sports medicine.

Joe joined the SSM team in 2015 and oversees the athletic training room and two additional full-time athletic trainers, as well as the strength and conditioning programs for each athletic Center of Excellence. “My whole career has been being in the right place at the right time,” he joked, after mentioning that he was the first person to graduate with a degree in sports medicine from Merrimack College.

SSM’s unique athletic model takes into account that Center of Excellence schedules often mimic a collegiate or professional athletic schedule, instead of the traditional high school schedule that corresponds to seasons. Additionally, our teams compete nationally and often travel to the other side of the country in a single weekend. Keeping all this in mind, Joe described how intentional the athletic training program has to be in order to keep kids healthy. In addition to their daily ice, field, and course time, player development at SSM includes individualized strength and conditioning in the weight room, movement preparation, nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention. “We have to create opportunities for them to undo the work that they do to create overuse injuries,” Joe said. “We have to supplement the things that they do in their sport a little more subtly in terms of making sure we’re not repeating the same motor patterns and muscle activities.”

When speaking about the people he works with on a daily basis, Joe said, “We have a staff here that is extremely strong. These are people who have coached at the college level, at the pro level.” It is with this team that Joe hopes to achieve his goals for sports medicine at SSM, including the possibility of a college internship program to make the strength and conditioning program more robust and a more comprehensive data measuring system for student progress.

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  • Joe Sawicki, Shattuck-St. Mary’s Director of Sports Medicine