Egg Hunt Reflections

April 13, 2015

Volunteering at the Easter Egg Hunt at SSM was a really cool experience. It was a chance to welcome people from the community into our school. There were numerous things that we had a chance to volunteer for, so there was always something to keep us busy. I volunteered for putting eggs together, stuffing eggs, and the actual Egg Hunt. Overall it was a blast! - Anika Kapoor ’21

Every year my family has an Easter egg hunt and I love it because we get to spend time with each other. Sometimes I help them find their eggs. It’s also funny when they can’t find their eggs. So I am glad that Shattuck-St. Mary’s has a hunt every year too so if my family doesn’t do an Easter egg hunt I can help out at our school. - Teagan Langevin ’21

One of my favorite things that Shattuck does in the spring is the Easter egg hunt. When I was little I would look forward to the community Easter egg hunt at Shattuck. I loved getting candy and having my face painted. Now, I can still enjoy those things because I help out with the egg hunt. This year I helped stuff the eggs in the student lounge, and I helped out on the day of the Easter egg hunt by painting little kids’ faces. For me, this was really fun, because I think back to when I was one of these little kids and I loved getting my face painted by the older kids. - Leah Ray ’19

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    There are smiles everywhere at the annual Shattuck-St. Mary's Easter Egg Hunt