My Hometown

April 20, 2015

What’s a favorite place in your hometown? Some of our boarding students shared their thoughts about food favorites…

In my hometown, my friends and I really enjoyed going to The Malt Shop. Before I came to Shattuck, after school my friends and I would walk to The Malt Shop every day. We knew the majority of the workers, and they always gave us free fries because we went so often. The Malt Shop had the best malts ever and so many different flavors. My favorite flavor has always been cookie dough chocolate chip and cotton candy. I really miss going to The Malt Shop every day but every time I go home we always stop there and get a malt and fries. - Nina LeFlore ’19

Probably one of my favorite places in my hometown would probably be a restaurant called Pat’s Pizza in North Yarmouth, Maine. I started going to this restaurant when I was about four. They have the best pizza in the state of Maine. It has a bunch of TVs. It’s kind of a sports bar. Every single break I had this year, my first priority was to go and eat at Pat’s. It is a special place for my family.  - Oliver Wahlstrom ’19