Broken Piano to Working Hydroponics Garden

April 15, 2015

When a broken piano showed up in the weCreate Center, James Taylor ’16 saw an opportunity to take the unusable instrument and create something elegant but functional.

This past Fall, the music department gave a broken piano to the weCreate Center and Ms. Sobol offered it to the students to get creative. James saw the instrument and decided on turning the piano into a working hydroponics garden. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. The roots are suspended directly into water and a nutrient solution.

With the help of Mr. Martin, James deconstructed the Piano, keeping the frame in tact, and began setting up a system of pumps, filters, and air stones inside the piano. They encountered plenty off issues along the way including leaking, weakness, and sharp edges on the inside of the piano but we’re able to work through those to create a working hydroponics garden. Stop by the weCreate Center sometime and watch his plants grow! 

  • Early sprouts
  • Healthy basil looks tempting!
  • The up-cycled piano
  • The plants are growing like weeds!
  • James wrote about Pianoponics.
  • James and Mr. Martin at a local shop, getting supplies.

Location: weCreate Center