My Hometown

April 28, 2015

What’s a favorite place in your hometown? Some of our boarding students shared their thoughts…

A favorite place in my hometown is Ocean City (New Jersey). This is one of my favorite places because I love to be with my family and friends at the beach. I have many memories of waking up early in the morning to catch the good waves to surf. I always remember going to the boardwalk as a kid, and going on the rides that they had. - PJ Demitrio ’19

My favorite place in my hometown is the movie theatre. It is not really a hangout area, but in Richmond there is not a designated “hang out” area. Back when I lived at home, my friends and I went to the movie theatre every weekend. I honestly think that the people who work there know who I am even though we have never talked. My friends and I like to people watch after the movies. We will sit on the bench that looks at the front door and we try and make up background stories for all the people who walk by. We mainly do this because our parents tend to be late, and we have learned to help make the time pass. Back home I saw almost every movie that had ever been in the theatre that I had been allowed to watch. I would call this my hang out area because of all the places in Richmond, Indiana, this is the place I have made the most memories. - Maggi Quigg ’19