My Hometown

April 30, 2015

What’s a favorite place in your hometown? Some of our students shared their thoughts…

My favorite place in my hometown is the local Madeira downtown. I live in Indian Hill, (Cincinnati) Ohio (Neil Armstrong lived here). My town is very private and everyone knows everyone. In the summer, I like walking a mile to get to Madeira downtown. I hang out there with my friends because there are a lot of things to do and everyone lives near there. It is the center of teenage fun! There are coffee shops, make your own pottery, pool/park, ice cream place, a cute toy store, create your own painting, and etc.

Every sunny Thursday, they host a country thing downtown. It is like a culture event where they bring food and activities to try. If the country is Mexico, they sell Mexican food and have fun games. That is why it is my favorite place in my hometown. - Emma Kee ’19

My favorite place in my hometown is the Coffee Shop in downtown. It is always cold here in the winter and the coffee shop is a fun place to go with my friends. The staff is very friendly and the shop has a great atmosphere. This is why the Coffee Shop is my favorite place in town. - Maddie Hickey ’19