What I will miss about Shattuck-St. Mary’s

May 12, 2015

From Melissa “Samo” Samoskevich ’15

The thing I’ll miss most about Shattuck is the family aspect as a whole. Moving away from home freshman year was tough, but having a second home like Shattuck helped tremendously. Shattuck is a very special place. Someone wouldn’t be able to understand what I mean by this unless they experience it. 

From Cherry Wang ’15
The thing that will be missed most from Shattuck for me is people here. I’ve been here for three years and developed close relationships with many faculty and friends. Teachers are amazing here, always available to help. Many of them seem like friends to me. A busy boarding school in a quiet neighborhood setting encourages more internal interactions. I see the same people everyday, and some become my close friends.

From Sophie Hill ’15

I will miss the abundance of people in the immediate community who are readily available to help with anything the students might need.