Equal Opportunity to Serve

November 12, 2014

From Ms. Lonnie Schroeder, Director of Institutional Advancement

Today I sat and listened to a fine actor bring even more life to the words of Tim O’Brien.  I wondered how it would go since in The Things They Carried, O’Brien paints incredible pictures without benefit of any actors. Actor Tim O'Brien

I knew people just like the people we heard about today.  I knew young men who moved to Canada, young men who tried getting classified as a conscientious objector and lost, young men who pounded their elbow against a wall for days on end to create an injury that would ensure flunking a physical and I knew young men who enlisted without hesitation. 

Do you see the similarity here?  All of the people whose lives were in limbo were young men.  How unfair is that?  As a young woman, I could plan my life but not so for my male friends.  The anxiety driven waiting to see what your number would be.  The struggle with gigantic life-changing decisions…and all I could do was sit back and watch and be the best friend I could be. 

The lottery-based draft made me a feminist.  We all should have had that list of burdens to carry.

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    Ms. Lonnie Schroeder, Director of Institutional Advancement