What I will miss about the Middle School…

May 19, 2015

As they complete this school year, we asked our 9th graders to pause and reflect on what they will miss most about the Middle School. Here are some of their reflections…

from Steven Irick ’18 - 

The thing that I will miss most about the Middle School is probably how small and close the community is. Even though the Shattuck Upper School is not very big, I still like how small the Middle School is. I will miss being able to know everyone’s name and see them almost every day. I will also miss how in the dining hall the tables are already made so different groups of people can interact with everyone instead of kids segregating themselves into groups.  

from Kristina Raevskaya ’18 - 

That was my first year at Shattuck and I loved it! Next year, I am going to the Upper School and I will really miss the Middle School. I never went to an international school before and now I have a lot of friends from China, Mexico, and all over the world. This was a great experience!

from Andrew Lane ’18 - 

The one thing that I will miss most about the Middle School is the incredible sense of community that I feel here. All the teachers are very supportive, even if you are not in any of their classes. All the people are nice and making friends was very easy. I also am going to miss knowing everyone in the MS on a personal level, because there are not that many of us.

from Wyatt Palmer ’18 -

Overall, my experience at the Middle School has been amazing. The atmosphere of the Middle School is like no other. The greatest highlight is that everyone knows everyone. I will miss the ability of having a smaller class where everyone is close. I will also miss the great teachers and the help they give us to succeed. The Middle School is an outstanding place and should not be taken for granted.