What I will miss about the Middle School…

May 21, 2015

As they complete this school year, we asked our 9th graders to pause and reflect on what they will miss most about the Middle School. 

from Alex Galbraith ’18

What I will miss most about the Middle School is the friendly and caring atmosphere. This place a year ago welcomed me and now two years later I am leaving a more grown up young man. This place changes you because it forces you to be accountable and also pushes you out of your comfort zone to help you grow. I think that the Middle School really is where you develop into who you are going to be in life. I am going to miss this place because it will always remind me of where I grew into who I am today. 


from Misa Patel ’18

What is will miss about the Middle School is the sense of community form the people are me. I will miss Mrs. Dineen’s baking and her care. I will miss how it’s a small community where we know and accept everyone. I will miss the field trips to places like Eagle Bluff. In all I think I will miss it because the Middle School has become like my family.

from Isaac Carlson ’18

I will miss the small classes and being friends with everybody in the Middle School. Most of all I will miss the friendliness and support that is surrounding me.


from Bruno Fludzinski ’18

I will miss the small number of people in the Middle School, which makes everyone closer. I will also miss the Marzetti Cup games and all the fun activities we do as a group. Lastly, I will miss the small classes and the creative teachers who care so much for the students.

from Audrey Hong ’18

Even though I was here for four months, I learned a lot and I still want to stay in the Middle School. All the teachers and friends were nice and friendly for me to adapt in this new environment. I think the best part of the Middle School is to be one, together. I will miss the warmth of the Middle School a lot and I hope I can keep in contact with all of my middle school friends even we are part of a larger group in the Upper School.



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