What we remember…

May 22, 2015

Mr. Groess’ and Coach O’Keefe’s advisory shared many great memories. Here is a sampling. As we congratulate our Middle Schoolers on the successful completion of their school year and welcome the Class of 2018 to the Upper School, we pause to give thanks for our Middle School  - its wonderful faculty, staff, and of course its fabulous students.

I remember sitting in study hall being hungry many times. Also it was fun spending so much time with all of my teammates. - Connor McQue ’18


I remember the differences between my first year at Singing Hills compared to my second year at Singing Hills. My first year, I knew nobody and not a lot of people talked to me. My second year, I tried to talk to everybody so they wouldn’t feel the way I did. - Lindsey Trotter ’18

I remember the good times on the camping trips, capture the flag and having headmaster holidays. I will miss the Marzetti Cup events. I will for sure miss this place next year.  - David He ’18

Having Mr. Groess as an advisor and making school more fun because he teaches and has fun. He made me do engineering when I first didn’t want to but I am happy I did. - Darin Rott ’18

I remember running from the MS to the US in the freezing winter after I would miss the bus. I remember this because while my hands and ears were freezing, the winter was nice because it’s peaceful yet somewhat deadly. - Alessandro Milesi ’18

One thing I remember was going to Denver with my hockey team and winning the championship in a shootout. I also remember “Coach O’Cheat” trying to cheat and get Tony out illegally in Shark Attack at Eagle Bluff. - TJ Walsh ’18

I will remember Mr. Frankenfield chirping me for missing an assignment. I will always remember his chirping. - Jack Hickey ’18

I will remember Christmas Dinner because it was a lot of fun working with the freshman class and doing something together. I also learned how to serve appropriately. - Alyssa Hedricks ’18

I remember on Valentine’s Day when Givanna and I watched the movie together and Mr. Groess brought a bunch of ice cream and Mrs. Dineen made brownies and it was really fun. - Patty Wentworth ’18

I will remember serving Christmas Dinner and going to the dance after because it was fun. - Givanna Foglia ’18

Meeting new people from all over the world was really cool this year. It was awesome to make friends from different countries. I learned so much of the other cultures. Everyone was so nice and funny and I’m glad I got to meet all of them. - Payton Sender ’18

My favorite time at the Middle School was playing dodge ball in the gym with my grade. It was really fun because it was a fun time to spend with my classmates. - Max Zingler ’18

I am going to remember all my friends that I have made this year and last. I find it so remarkable that I have friends from Korea and China, and I can now say a few sentences in each language. - Alexandra Gilbertson ’18

I remember Mr Groess jumping on the desks, throwing white-board markers at everyone, and dancing with a trash can. It was really funny and a little scary. - Amanda Cooper ’18

Middle School is like a big family, and we all live and participate in this community. We have a lot of fun. Every single teacher in the Middle School is responsible, all of them give good lectures and teach us, but most important, they help us in daily life. - King Liu ’18

I remember the first time I saw snow here (I live in a coastal city like Florida) and Payton, Amanda and many people told me they already hate the snow… I was so shocked but then after the whole winter I finally understood them. It was so much fun in the winter. - Aiqiao Chen ’18

I remember Mr. Groess making up a song about me. It was really funny. He sang it for the rest of the year. I also remember meeting Ms. Dineen for the first time. I called her “Ms. Biology  teacher.” - Rodrigo Del Valle Sierra ’18

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