Leaving is Part of Learning

May 29, 2015

 - from Don MacMillan, Head of School

A new tradition will begin with this year’s commencement ceremony. The newly graduated seniors will shake hands with the faculty along the Community Walk and arrive at the end of the line near the Arch. Graduating seniors will than pass through the Arch to be greeted by fellow alums, family and friends. The symbolic nature of the journey first begun by entering through the Arch and ending by exiting by the same path is fairly self-evident. What might take a little more time to sink in for the new alums is that leaving is part of their education, and that while they will always be welcome at Shattuck, they will never again be students here. In essence, the value of their education is only truly known once they leave and become disoriented by new circumstances, new people, new obstacles and new opportunities. How will they respond, what choices will they make, how will they think about themselves and how will they treat others? How will they draw upon what they have learned to navigate their new existence? And so our job as their teachers, coaches, advisors and mentors is to guide them back to the Arch and ask them to no longer be our students, but to take their place among the alumni body and get busy answering these questions.  Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

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    A human Arch welcomed new students and staff to SSM in August.