What I will miss about Shattuck-St. Mary’s

May 27, 2015

From Ricky Wang ’15

One thing in particular that I’ll miss about Shattuck is the PAVA office. I think I’ve spent all the time outside the classroom in the office, sitting on the sofa, taking a nap, and even learning Spanish on Duolingo. Usually, people say that when they belong to a certain place, they feel it–a feeling that cannot be articulated and only exits emotionally, but stronger than any other written facts. For me, the PAVA office, PAVA teachers, and my peers in both the Vocal Performance Program and Pre-Conservatory Program are what make me feel like home. Artistically, we are very different, but the experience that we have makes us affiliated to each other and understand each other on a level that nothing else can compare. Even writing about this makes me emotional. I guess it is really the soft spot in my heart.