Ravenous Art

November 10, 2014

From Daryn Finkelstein ’15
“You need to put other items next to your art so the viewers have an idea of its size! Just be creative!” said Rod Flowers, my Texan Art Guru.


Some might say I have taken his words too literally, but I feel that putting my 5-pound miniature papillon, Twinkles, inside my styrofoam alligator, completed the piece. Of course my young puppy didn’t share the same inventive urges I did, it is pretty clear she is plotting my demise.

My mom proclaimed I was a sick human being for believing that a dog in the jaws of a vicious reptile was art. However, my father just laughed and said, “thank god you’re finally getting rid of that rat.”

After this experience, I think it is fair to say that art can bring out a different side of everyone…