To Coach or Not to Coach …

November 05, 2014

From Coach Deb Stafford (English Teacher and Middle School play director as well!)

Over the course of many meals, and during numerous, heated discussions regarding the outcomes of various sporting events, the conversation in my household often would end with, “Since you have all these opinions, you should coach—no really, you should become a coach.” 

Obviously, when talking with both my husband and son, the possibility to ever coach hockey was not an option; since I never played, how would I possibly qualify as a coach?  As many are aware, both men are quite adept in their sport due to years of playing it.  Yet, this didn’t deter my interest in coaching.

When Mr. MacMillan proposed the possibility of faculty changing which extra-curricular activities we supervise last year, I took that opportunity to “throw my hat into the ring.” 

Even though I enjoyed working with the writers for The Spectator, I had been supervising its creation since 2000 and was intrigued with being involved with some sporting activity.  When offered a few options, I thought working with Coach Isa Rodriguez and the volleyball team would make a great fit.  That proved to be right, since we both had an enjoyable time running practices, participating in the games, and getting to know both the players and each other. 

The highlight of the season came with our last two home games, in which the girls played their best, bringing home wins from both the JV and Varsity squads.  Getting lots of vocal support, provided by many of SSM student body was awesome too.  

I truly look forward to next year’s season!

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