Looking forward to this year’s moments….

September 03, 2015

Hello! My name is Clay Paciorek and I work here in the marketing and communications office.

I do a lot with the school website and marketing materials, and I’m also the guy taking lots and lots of pictures throughout the year. In fact, when Mr. MacMillan asked me to speak tonight, I was excited because now you’ll know me as Mr. Paciorek and not just as, “that guy who takes pictures.”

I’m also one of the people that puts together the Whipple Weekly, which is our weekly newsletter that is sent out to all of the parents. So if you haven’t talked to your mom and dad in a while, be sure to sneak in to one of the photos I’m taking and I can get your picture in there for them to see.

One of the other parts about my job is running all of the social media for the school. I help manage the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  And this is a really neat time of year because as students head back to school, a lot of the alumni will post messages on Twitter and Facebook about how much they miss it and are sad they won’t be here this year. So I’ll read through and see how much people enjoyed their time here. On a side note, it is really nice opening your inbox to lots of messages to people saying they miss you, even if they are just referring to the school.

But that got me to thinking. The reason those people miss this place so much isn’t necessarily the buildings or the campus, but it’s because of what happened during the time they were here. Those three or four years, or sometimes less. All the memories and fun times they had were jam packed into those few years. And that time for you starts today. I guess for all of us it starts today for this school year. All those exciting moments, challenging times, successes, and unforgettable experiences are ahead of us. That’s what I’m excited for. So let’s go see what those are going to be. 

 - Mr. Paciorek

Clay shared these thoughts during our Opening Chapel service on August 26th.

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