The Year Ahead

September 02, 2015

Seven years ago, I stood on a stage in Johnson Gym speaking at Opening Chapel on my first day as a teacher at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

At the time my daughter was entering the sixth grade at Shattuck and I was developing a career teaching History and Government after twelve years of practicing law. Seven years later, much has changed. My daughter Sophia is now a senior at Shattuck, my son is a seventh grader here and I am entering my seventh year as a teacher. The past seven years have been wonderful ones but they have passed very quickly!

So to the seniors I say, this is a life changing year for you, your final year of high school, many of you will be moving on to college in the fall. Make this your best year ever, take the time to enjoy your year, get to know new people, absorb all you can in the classroom and on this beautiful campus. Because before you know it, May will arrive and you will be graduating. To the underclassmen I also say, bring your “A game” every day. Study hard, play hard and have a great year. 

As to what I am looking forward to, I am looking forward to having the best year yet at Shattuck. I am looking forward to an exciting year teaching Government, AP Government and coaching Mock Trial. And when I bid the seniors farewell in May I hope that they can say they learned all that they could, had a great year and are looking forward to entering college in the fall. Thank you and God bless you all.

 - Ms. Joan Lewis-Osborn
Ms. Lewis-Osborne shared this reflection as part of the Opening Chapel service on August 26th. 


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