Eel for Lunch

November 04, 2014

From Ms. Jen Hillesheim, Assistant to the President

Today’s (car ride to the physical therapist) conversation:

Me: So, what did you have for lunch today?
Jon: Eel.

Me: What?? (as I clean my ears out)
Jon: BBQ Eel.

Me: Really? Did you like it?
Jon: Yeah, it was actually pretty good.

Me: Wow! Did it taste like…fish?
Jon: No. It tastes kind of like chicken, but better.

Me: Awesome!

(Thinking to myself: I can’t believe he tried THAT and won’t touch my cooking….and at the same time wondering how many American kids can say they had BBQ Eel for their school lunch?!)​

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    Eel on the menu?