My favorite view…

September 09, 2015

We asked our seniors to reflect on a “favorite view” at SSM. For some - it was a tangible vista and for others it was a more intrinsic sense of what SSM has meant to them. We will share our seniors’ reflections during the next week and throughout the year. Enjoy!

One view that is inspirational to me that I have learned at Shattuck is the discipline - the will to go constantly day in and day out. - Riley Williams ’16

My personal view about this place that I have found inspiring is the strong emphasis on what the School considers “All In” because we are a community and that involves not only friendship but healthy competition to grow up and learn from each other in a healthy environment. - Daniel Eras Saborio ’16

There are many inspiring views throughout Shattuck, from buildings to people. But, the most important view is my team. They push me to be the best person and athlete every day. They stick with me through the thick and thin. I wouldn’t want it any other way. - Haley Smith ’16

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