Excerpts from the Journal of a New Teacher

November 03, 2014

From Ms. Maggie Molter, Math Teacher

1 September 2014

Survived my first day as a teacher!  Wowza!  Luckily the administration set up my schedule so I’m only teaching three classes – not too crazy so my responsibilities should be manageable.  Now I’m on duty and it’s definitely a lot to keep track of.  Today was a lot of talking and explaining… my voice is super tired.  More later!

6 September 2014

Well, I not only survived my first week of teaching, I thrived?  Maybe?  The week was definitely tiring; I’m more hungry than I’ve ever been, but I feel great so far.  I expected myself to be more overwhelmed than I am, but it all makes sense to me so far.  Holy cow, is it fun to be in front of those students?!  It will get harder when I’m teaching them material.  I think they like me because I’m young…cool!  Should get some better posters for my classroom.

14 September 2014

Because I’m an idealistic young person working in education, I’ve been doing lots of reading about education, youth, idealism…

“Seek out the teachers, coaches, and mentors in life who prefer to teach you how to fish instead of simply giving you a fish.”

“An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethical, and driven people will always defeat the one that merely has talent.  Every time.”

20 September 2014 

First very frustrating teaching experience this week in Calculus.  We’re doing trig review, which I assumed was very basic stuff and the students had all reviewed.  Well, turns out it was much more difficult for them than I thought, and also none of them really put in the effort to review.  I got visibly frustrated in class (which I really try to avoid) and kind of screwed up explaining trig triangles.  Anyway, I sent them an email and adjusted our schedule for the next few days in order to review more.  I guess I just overestimated their ability, and mine! 

13 October 2014 

Well, I’m finally settling into a routine here!  Teach, prep, teach, go to the gym, dinner, then time for myself.  Sometimes the “time for myself” means going to watch hockey or soccer or PreCon kids do their thing, and sometimes it means finally taking time to totally unwind – drinking tea and watching too many episodes of Six Feet Under in my apartment. 

Sometimes it strikes me as strange that I live and teach at a boarding school, but I can feel myself slowly but surely carving a niche for myself in this place.  I’m surrounded by great kids and great colleagues who seem excited to help me do just that.  Time to teach them to fish!


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