Feeding Those At Home

September 22, 2015

As the SSM community approaches the sixth annual Hands Across Faribault on Friday, September 25 - we thought it would be good to hear from a few people on the topic of “service above self.” Our post today is from Fr. Doyle.

One might describe me as obsessed with the delivery of Meals-on-Wheels. I have never had to go hungry, unless I chose to do so. I especially care that those who are home-bound have a least one nutritious, hot meal. Most of these individuals cannot adequately prepare a meal for themselves. Moreover, most of them ought not to turn on the stove or oven. 

Frequently, I have delivered more than one route, because of the shortage of volunteers or because of the forgetfulness of a volunteer assigned to deliver. One day in the winter, I delivered four routes. During delivery of the fourth route, one woman said that she had not expected me, for she had received a call that she would not receive the day’s meal.  I told her that I could not sit down and eat lunch knowing that she had not received a meal. 

Recently, I had noticed that two patrons – husband and wife – had cancelled their meal delivery. After I had delivered the route, I stopped by to see them. As usual, I walked in the door and announced my presence. The couple was in the bedroom. The husband mentioned that his wife was quite ill. He asked me to pray. It was a privilege to do so.  Afterward, we sang the first verse of her favorite song, Jesus Loves Me. Two days later, the woman died. I went to the visitation, where her husband and other loved ones thanked me for the prayer and singing.  

District One Hospital in Faribault prepares the meals for the program. Being involved with Meals-on-Wheels is an essential and significant way that I can do some good for others. This involvement enables me to connect with those in need of care and compassion. It gives me pleasure to serve as a volunteer.

 - Fr. Henry Doyle 

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