A Life Lesson in Service

September 21, 2015

As the SSM community approaches the sixth annual Hands Across Faribault on Friday, September 25 - we thought it would be good to hear from a few people on the topic of “service above self.” Our post today is from SSM Student Council President, Drew Speckman ’16.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s School has an unparalleled sense of community–something everyone here not only understands, but also appreciates. SSM also does a great job of extending its sense of community during Hands Across Faribault days, where the entire school goes out to various places and helps better our society and get involved with people and organizations our busy schedules may not generally permit.

I have found these days to be great experiences for me, as they have taught me how even the slightest bit of help can go a long way, and that no good deed ever goes unappreciated. It is because of this mindset that I genuinely look forward to the upcoming 2015 Hands Across Faribault day, and will particularly miss them once I graduate. I will not, however, cease to serve the community whenever I can–yet another life lesson I learned in my time at Shattuck.

  - Drew Speckman ’16