Paying Our Rent

September 24, 2015

As the SSM community approaches the sixth annual Hands Across Faribault on Friday, September 25 - we thought it would be good to hear from a few people on the topic of “service above self.” Our post today is from our Choral Instructor, Mr. Yao.

To me, service to others and to our community is not just a good notion, but a responsibility. Alice Walker is quoted, “Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet.”  I can say the same for service.  We are all graced with a short span upon this earth. And despite all the ways we are different, we are united as humans by our ability to serve each other. Though it does not always have the glamour or notoriety that some celebrity efforts may portray, service matters in all shapes and sizes. From raking a neighbor’s leaves, to volunteering at a soup kitchen, there are countless ways we can invest in the world around us. When we serve, we affirm the beauty of our humanity and the humanity of those we help. How privileged we are, then, to take stock of all our many privileges and pay our rent for the world – to serve.

 - from James Yao


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    Cheyney Cornish '16 created this graphic for Hands Across Faribault 2015.