Helping Feels Good

September 25, 2015

Today is the sixth annual Hands Across Faribault. Our final word on “service above self” is from our Upper School Director, Mr. Cavellier. Let’s do good!

Once in a while I will walk in to Morgan Refectory and see students lined up on either side of the lunch station waiting to be served lunch. My first instinct in these situations is to grab a pair of gloves, jump behind the serving station and help out. Of course I want to make things a little bit easier for the kitchen staff who work so hard to keep us fed, but there is more to it than that. It’s my responsibility to help them out.

It’s not in my job description, but I am truly contractually obligated to help where I can. By that I don’t mean that my job contractually obligates me to help in the dining hall or painting  fences at a mobile home park or planting trees at River Bend. Like Mr. Yao and Alice Walker, I understand that the simple fact of being alive contractually obligates me to help others whenever and wherever I can. It is my “rent.”

Lest this sound too altruistic, I must admit that I don’t do it solely to make someone else’s task easier. I do it because I know that tasks just have to get done sometimes. I do it because I know I would want someone to reach out and help me when I need it. But mostly, I do it because it feels good.

 - Mr. Matthew Cavellier

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