Through the Lens

October 09, 2015

This week, Steve Jones ’73 - a talented professional photographer - spent three and a half days on campus shooting thousands of images - of our beloved school - its people and gorgeous campus - especially compelling with all the fall decorations from our hard-working SSM parents.

Having Steve here got me away from my computer screen and out into our SSM world. Seeing our School through his lens was thrilling. Here’s what I saw. 

I saw our teachers - smart, light-hearted, passionate, supportive.

I saw our incredible students - inquisitive, focused, funny, kind. 

I saw our staff - dedicated, always helpful, hard-working, warm.

I saw our buildings - majestic, awe-inspiring, enduring, historic.

I saw our School - dynamic, full of energy, caring community.

I saw home.

 - Amy Wolf
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    Steve Jones '73 shares his work with the Kramer House staff.