Winter’s Allure

December 04, 2015

Winter is coming. For me this winter brings on many different emotions and feelings. Unfortunately winter brings cold weather and cold weather means frost bitten nose, ears, and fingers. However there is nothing more beautiful in all of Minnesota than the Clock Tower crisp with fresh fallen snow, Parade Field flat with the sparkling crystals,and the trees slowly collecting the translucent glass like snow. It’s simply marvelous.

Although winter brings so much beauty and magnificence, winter also means no games. Soccer is off from the Development Academy. The December-February time period is when we’re on break and it’s the time of the year when every single player gets better because everyone works extremely hard.

Winter brings beauty and cold weather that I do enjoy; however, winter also brings the break from games and this is the time that every soccer player gets a little extra motivation, a time to push themselves to get better. 
- Luke Haakenson ’16

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