Boarding Perks

November 09, 2015

Living in a dorm at school has many, many perks. 

A great thing about living in a dorm is being able to make the strong relationships with not only other students, but members of the staff as well. The way I look at living in a dorm is that it’s a year-long sleepover with my best friends. I have gotten so close to people that I wouldn’t normally socialize with, I personally think that being a boarding student has more positive than negative aspects to it. When people are feeling homesick or just generally down, they have their roommates or friends so nearby that they almost forget about their issues and are able to move forward with the help of everyone around them. Not only does living in a high school dorm help teenagers to get a sense of what the adult world is like, but it also plays a massive role in getting people ready for college and it shows teenagers what it’s like to truly live without parents being there to take care of them and do everything for them.
 - Hayley Moore ’16

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    Andreas House - one of SSM's senior girl dorms