Giving Thanks

October 27, 2015

As Thanksgiving rounds the corner, I once again find myself experiencing a carousel of emotions, as has become a recurring theme in each of my three years here at Shattuck.

With the passing of the seasons, the monumental undertaking that is the construction of the newest dorms, and the transition to our notoriously frigid Faribault winter, I am forced to confront the reality that my time remaining at Shattuck is very, very finite. It is amazing to me to see how quickly this School evolves, day after day, year after year, and I count my blessings to have been a part of it as long as I have.

Never a taciturn day is found here on campus, and I and 470 other students wouldn’t have it any other way. I am thankful for my time here, my close friends I’ve made, and the faculty who have guided me through the rough patches. I’m thankful to my family for giving me this opportunity to pursue my passions here, and I’m thankful for the challenges that have transformed me into the individual I am today. Like anything in life, the changing of the seasons is cyclical, and I understand that it is okay to be afraid of the unknown that menacingly looms in the future. For each opportunity that will arise as life progresses, I know also that something else must be left behind, and I am thankful that this community has become so meaningful to me as to be among the most difficult goodbyes I will ever be forced to endure.

 - Sean Dunlop ’16

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