My First Minnesota Winter

October 29, 2015

Coming from Florida, I didn’t know what to expect with winter.

In my preparation for coming to this school, I simply put a light hoodie in my bag, only to receive shouts from my empathetic mom, which was then followed by her replacing my hoodie with what seemed like a 12 pound polar bear skin. I expected sadness. All I have ever known about the seasons was their ability to enable very hot weather and frequent trips to the beach. However, there came a time when I realized there would be no beaches in Minnesota. My first day here I was greeted by a surprise. While Faribault lacked the sunny beaches and cloudless skies, it had a beautiful array of colors falling from the trees. I didn’t know that I would see the leaves do that. To say that I’m happy about the coming winter would be a lie. But I can say that I am looking forward to the new colors of a Minnesota winter … all this coming from a kid who has never seen snow!

  - Jonathon Rhodes ’16

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