A Cup of Memories

October 23, 2015

I love making tea in the dining hall, and I’ve noticed over the past couple months that many other people here do too!

Every night that I have dorm duty in Andreas, I walk over to Morgan and make myself a cup of tea… I don’t drink it right away. I save it to microwave around 10:00 pm when I feel myself starting to get tired. This routine reminds me of my grandmother, Adele, who passed away at 93 the year before Mr. Cav and I moved to Minnesota. She always made a cup of black tea with milk and sugar, and whenever I was with her, I would make one too. That’s how I make my Andreas tea now. So my routine here at SSM, which seems so far away from where I grew up, reminds me of home and a very important person in my life. I love having this comfort right here every day in our dining hall!

 - Ms. Courtney Cavellier

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